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Manage plants

In order to view your plants of a location, you first need to go to a location via your dashboard or the navigation menu. Then you will see a list of all of your plants in that location. They are shown in a card style with name and preview image. You can also sort them by various options as well as filter the list for text tokens.


Here you can also add a new plant to this location.


The following fields are mandatory:

If you go to a plants’ details, you will see various information and different actions are available.

screenshot  screenshot 

You can:

You can also share a photo publicly in order to send a link to the photo to others. The shared photo is only available to those of whom you share the link with. Once sharing succeeded you will get a confirmation e-mail with details as well as a removal link in case you want to delete the shared photo again. This feature needs to be enabled by an administrator and is disabled by default.

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